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Is pain getting the better of you?  The therapists at Huntington Physical Therapy can help.

Whether it started as something immediate, like turning the wrong way and then developing a ‘twinge’ in your lower back, something chronic that just won’t seem to go away, or a recent surgery, HPT is equipped to handle all your needs.

Come to HPT – Huntington Physical Therapy – and get moving again. We can also help you understand the underlying causes of more serious conditions. Our state-of-the-art facility is 66,000 square feet full of experience and expertise.

Thirty years plus in the Tri-State area has meant improved mobility and quality of life for thousands of patients, most of whom have gone on to become friends of HPT.  Sure this is a really large facility, but we make every patient feel right at home.

Our highly skilled therapists take pride in assisting you through your exercises with precision and kindness – and to getting you back to your favorite activities faster than you thought would be possible.

What Our Patients Say

…You were always very helpful and informative, explaining what you were doing and how it would benefit me. You always found a way to work me in whenever I needed to schedule. The atmosphere was light yet very professional. I always felt like I was coming in to see a friend and not just to be seen and pushed along to make way for the next patient. If ever asked for a recommendation on where to go for physical therapy, HPT will always be the place I recommend!
Bill Hill
When I came to HPT Physical Therapy Specialists I could not walk without the assistance of a walker. I had 17 sessions of physical therapy and I’m now going to WalMart and Kroger without one! I feel the physical therapy I received at HPT was great. My therapist did a great job and my mobility is remarkable compared to what it was when I started. I am very pleased with HPT and would highly recommend them to anyone who is in need of physical therapy.
Jack Oakes
 Huntington Physical Therapy and their professional staff made me feel welcomed and gave me confidence to face surgery head on with a winning attitude. We worked together on a strengthening routine before surgery and worked hard and diligent afterwards to get me back to 100%. I learned a great deal from the caring staff a HPT. Now I can bike and hike as much as I want thanks to the hard work and help of HPT.
Nathan Myers


Amazing Expertise



There are several Physical Therapists (PT) on staff who have become certified in specific specialties such as hand therapy, spine treatment, graston technique  and even neurological problems.  At HPT we have created several videos to outline home exercises, great results and our state of the art rehab techniques.  View them here and become a subscriber to our page onYouTube youtube-icon.

Everyone at HPT is “locally grown”. We all have roots in the Tri-State area, which fosters an emotional commitment to the health of our community.  Our sister facility, the HIT Center, is housed right next door – a place to work proactively on your strength, endurance, agility, flexibility and sports performance. The HIT Center also specializes in supervised weight loss and corporate wellness programs.

You could say this is THE walk-in center for health in Huntington. And did you know: You don’t even need a doctor’s referral to become a patient of ours?

Whether it’s HPT or HIT, we’re the go-to facility for health, mobility and friendly attention. Call 304-525-4445 to make an appointment and see your way back to good health and quality of life! HPT Physical Therapy Specialists; we are “Dedicated to Great Results!”

Here to Help

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    Whether you are a competitive athlete or a weekend warrior,  recover from injuries under the care of HPT physical therapists – and enhance your skills with the help of staff at the High Intensity Training Center right next door. 12,000 square feet of warehouse and turf space are here to help you achieve peak performance!

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    Baby Boomers

    We have fitness and rehab programs designed just for your increased vitality.

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    Employers and Employees

    Our WORC program is specifically designed to care for work-related injuries and to test and improve capacities to meet the physical demands of any job.

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    Splints, Braces and Inserts

    In addition to our professional hands-on attention at HPT, you may need a supportive device to help aid in your recovery. We personally fabricate, fit, or measure every support that goes on our patients.

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For whatever reason you’ve come to HPT, we have something that will help.